Post ‘NUTS-gate’, it seems Danny Dyer’s career is running on fumes. He’s already done the football cock-ups DVD and there can’t be that many pantos where Buttons calls people ‘cants’ – at least since Jim Davidson upped shticks to the Middle East. So with Freerunner it seems he’s sustaining his career by cynically exploiting youth trends, like a whelk-eating succubus…or Madonna.

Freerunner appears to be set in the future – though there’s not a lot to confirm that, save for the fact Dyer is now grown up enough to play a ‘businessman’ – albeit one who’s accompanied by a large nipple (insert optional Tamar Hassan joke here), exploding necklaces and a video watch which enables him to threaten the ‘yoof’ from the comfort of his lock-up.

On the plus side it’s refreshing to see an action film with practical effects. And uh, yeah…anyway, here’s the Dyer-tastic trailer for Freerunner…

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