It’s hard not to feel a little sorry for Tom Cruise, dangling bravely off the Burj Dubai, trying to convince you that he is, in many ways, the living embodiment of Ethan Hunt from the Mission Impossible films. Then something like Act of Valor comes along and messes with his thetan levels.

For those who are unaware – and I was one of them until I watched the trailer – Act of Valor is a film made with real life Navy Seals. You would have thought that a militaristic action thriller would have been high on the agenda, so props to the filmmakers for opting to remake sexually diverse comedy Shortbus. Just kidding, Navy Seals…please don’t kill me.

In many ways Acts of Valor has been a long time coming: Steven Soderbergh has been dipping his toes in the world of experimental films for a few years, making low-key indie curios with an assortment of non-actors. But now he’s crossing the streams using people famed for not acting, like ‘MMA superstar’ (it says here) Gina Carano and Channing Tatum to make an action film with proper actors.

Obviously, Soderbergh’s newie is a far more attractive proposition then what basically looks like a 90-minute recruitment video for how awesome it is to travel the world killing things. Then again, at least Act of Valor is being honest: Battle LA turned out to be no more than a crass and stupid ad for the marines – despite promising to show the real-life consequences of an attack from the universe’s most strategically inept aliens. So there’s not a lot to be upset about here…unless you’re Tom Cruise. If I were playing the lead villain in MI5, I’d start to get a little worried.

Prepare for jingasms, the trailer for Act of Valor follows…

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