"No! You're not ready"

“I’m not saying anything that’s unknown, but movies are always cut down and there’s a lot of complexity within the film that is not always widely accepted by the general audience, which is just a reality; a movie of a certain size, they don’t want people to be too—it’s a balance of how deep to keep going with these ideas.” 

The above quote is from Collider’s interview with Total Recall (no, not that one) director Len Wiseman on the depth of his director’s cut of the film. His comment would make more sense if we actually lived in the world of Idiocracy and spent most of our time dissecting the thematic inferences of ASS the movie in our local Buttfuckers. But since audiences have not only managed to watch a number of fairly intelligent sci-fi films over the years – not to mention the original Total Recall, which was even set on two planets! – without their brains dripping onto their shoes, it seems like a fairly strange comment to make.

Then again, if someone were to suggest that audiences could not handle the thematic depth presented in a teen-skewed remake of Schwarzenegger’s Total Recall, I would not shit my pants in surprise when that person turned out to be Len Wiseman. So, unless watching his director’s version wakes you up to an alternate reality several hundred years in the future where we all live in synthetic wombs and are force-fed protein-filled goo by robot squids through mechanical pipes, I think it’s safe to say that it’s business as usual for Wiseman’s journeyman approach to the wonder of cinema.

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