EDITOR’S NOTE: I have no real desire to see The Bourne Legacy. This is due in part to the trilogy’s real legacy for me being two great films and one half-baked compilation that shamelessly steals elements from another pseudo New York based entry to a popular film series. The second reason is because one of my 2012 predictions was that films not starring Jeremy Renner would become a new genre. That’s not a world I want to live in. Anyway, my pal Dan has no such concerns; he went to see it last night and sent over this fairly comprehensive review. Spoilers, I suppose…

Total turds. Nothing at all happens. Each scene merely serves to explain the next. It’s like one giant exposition sequence. The basic premise is boring, with a second rate Bourne-esque character (Renner) on the run whilst trying to score some pills that stop him turning into Cleetus the Clown. He makes some very improbable leaps from cupboards in chez-Weisz and the two of them lam it in search of loony juice in Manilla where they are chased by some dork who falls off a bike. They sail into the sunset. The end.

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