This one came out during my hiatus and, truth be told, the thought of Luc Besson making a mob thriller with Robert of Niro was nearly enough to drag me to the cinema. This is despite the nearest one being 10 miles away – unless you count the OAP screenings at the local civic centre. £2 for The Great Gatsby a cup of tea and a biscuit – is it any wonder multiplex bosses are feeling the pinch?

But what’s most telling about the marketing of The Family is that they felt the need to create a poster for, and almost give equal billing to, a German shepherd. Presumably the draw of the director of Leon and star of Raging Bull now equates to the star of Little Fockers and producer of the Transporter 3, so they aimed for the ‘Paw Pound/Doggy Dollar’ with what I expect were fairly modest results.

It’s probably for the best. If The Family had set the box office aflame we could quite easily be anxiously awaiting a remake of Turner and Hooch where a dog has to stop Tom Hanks from crapping on the sofa, or a version of CATS starring DOGS, or Reservoir Humans. The mind literally boggles.


Though judging from the lack of German shepherd on the Blu-Ray cover of The Family it seems that this marketing strategy was a bit of a washout. Perhaps the biggest question is why Tommy Lee Jones didn’t make it on to the poster at all? He may not be the most aesthetically pleasing actor but he’s arguably as recognisable as a German shepherd. I suspect the only person who knows the answer to that one is his agent.




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