Allo, cheeky!

I just watched Predator in 3D last night. As much as I was against the principle of reconfiguring it to promote some silly gimmick, I love the film too much to pass up an opportunity to watch it again.

The effect was surprisingly good – almost making me duck to avoid Carl Weathers’ arm!

This is probably due to the fact that John McTiernan considered the fact that audiences may actually want to understand what they’re looking at – a lesson Michael Bay a few contemporary action directors could learn from.

But it could all have been so different. This footage was on the DVD release from a few years ago and shows a certain JCVD walking around like a giant red lobster*. And to think I could have been avoiding that in my front room last night.

Anyway, it seems the ultimate design of the Predator was a happy accident, a sign that even the most iconic creations can come to life through happenstance, random occurrences and input from James Cameron. I’m sure it’s tales like this that give solace to filmmakers trapped in a hell of the studio’s making. Check out Van Damme’s lobster-Predator below…

* I’m pretty sure they also mentioned putting a monkey in a red suit on the DVD too, but it was too shamed to emote anything other than deep embarrassment. Did that actually happen?

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