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My Killzone 3 review is April’s Eurogamer Reader Review of the month. EG’s Ellie Gibson had this to say:

“BOBBYLUPO won out…not just because he managed to get the word “priapism” AND a nob gag in the first few paragraphs. His review rattles along, packed with sharp observations, smart comparisons and bold statements. Also: “toss-pipes”.”

So, never underestimate the power of a well-placed nob gag. If you can find him, please click on the pic of the world’s least succesful ninja to read the article.


My CODBLOPS piece has been awarded November’s Reader Review of the Month on

Editor Tom Bramwell sums it up thusly: “BOBBYLUPO is a funny guy (Editor’s note: thanks). I do feel slightly odd endorsing a piece of writing that includes what is basically an AIDS joke (it’s still too soon), but he whacks Black Ops’ Wac-A-Mole stylings firmly on the mole and his writing is ticklish as well as insightful – an enjoyable combination.”

Please click on Herve Villechaize Bobby Kotick’s (s)mug to read the full article.